• Meet our University Technical Consultants 2018!

    Chan Tin Lok, Charlotte


    In recent years, literature and media have shared a similar dystopian theme. The ice caps are melting, the economy is plummeting, and before we know it we’ve gone full blown hunger games. The future seems dim and unpleasant. But I disagree. Just half a century ago we were fighting the polio pandemic, waiting days for mail, and dreaming of flying cars. Now, the number of polio cases have gone down by more than 99%, the smartphone allows us to have nearly instantaneous communication, and there’s even a car orbiting earth right now. As an aspiring mechanical engineer, I see these technological innovations as the most vital step in human advancement. This is why I’m a strong advocate for STEM education. I hope to pass on what I’ve learnt to the next generation in hopes that they too appreciate mankind’s technological capabilities.



    Chan Wing Tung, Rachel


    I am Rachel, a year 2 biomedical sciences student from HKU. Despite my science background, my passion lies in education because it is the key to a better life, especially for the underprivileged. I especially like to interact with children because I love their creativity and unique minds. What I like about education is that I have always felt enlightened by new knowledge and is inspired by its exciting possibilities.


    我是香港大學生物醫學系的二年級生Rachel。雖來自理科背景,但我十分熱愛教學。我相信教育能改變生命,而對「脫貧」尤其重要。我特別喜歡與小朋友相處,因為我深受他們獨特及創新的思維啟發 。對我而言,新的知識帶給我喜悅,而教育的多樣令知識的傳遞更加有趣及富挑戰。

    Chiu Kar Hay, Jasmine


    I am Jasmine, a cheerful person who enjoys interacting with people, working with youths, and doing sports! I have always wanted to be an influential person, and working with youths always inspire me instead. I have a growing interest in exploring the education field, and I hope to understand how to better deliver quality experiential learning to them.


    回想起大學裡與不同青年團體合作,每一次都會從他們身上看到很多可能性, 令我對教育充滿了好奇和想在這領域貢獻。我期待這次與學生接觸可以讓我認識和了解更多校園環境,和會盡我所能去協助老師實現她的項目。

    Cheng Ka Chun, Timothy


    As an university student in Hong Kong, I found myself very privileged to receive decent education, have a very supportive family and live a pretty carefree life without any bother with food and shelter. Not to mention people in other parts of the world, numerous families in Hong Kong do not share the luck and blessing I have, but struggle to survive in poverty, injustice and with unequal treatments.


    I believe every child deserves the same rights to be enlightened, inspired and discovered. Nevertheless, the current cold education system in Hong Kong does not provide good opportunities for students, particularly those underprivileged, to explore the possibilities of their future and thrive. Works have to be done to help the situation, to make resources and support accessible to them, whereas educational innovation, I believe, is the right approach to the problem.

    Chung Hei Chong, Anson


    I am an ordinary student who studied in local schools and took the HKDSE. And now I am in the university studying what I truly like, with no more core subjects that I don’t particularly enjoy studying. After all the struggles I have gone through, I am convinced that the ultimate motivation for studying should not be the score on mark sheets but interest. In my younger age, I barely had the time to get a glimpse of everything, not until F.3 when I finally had the chance to learn about my favourite subject, Physics. Under the education system, HK students find it hard to study STEM subjects, despite government’s efforts in promoting them. Students simply lack the chance to do so. This is the very reason why I joined the programme, to give an opportunity for youngsters to taste STEM.







    Fung Ho Yin, Jerry


    Studying Engineering, my focus of studies are hardware-software integration and microcontroller programming/embedded system. Not only am I specialized in Information Technology, but I’m also a private STEM tutor. In recent years I’ve been involving in various STEM related projects like CoolThink@JC, U-Stemist and also working for private firms as a freelance coach/tutor. I always like creating new projects, applying STEM to assist myself in daily life. In this program I hope to promote my ideology and pass the knowledge to my partners and students as well as life coaching them.




    Ho Cheuk Ho, Terence


    I believe each person is unique, and every one of us has our strengths and potentials. With appropriate facilitation, I believe everyone can fully exploit their talents.

    Since I think the traditional way of teaching may not be suitable for every student, especially for those who are weak in reading and writing. If we do not provide an alternative way to them, we may waste their talents and affect their whole life. Therefore, as a pre-service teacher, I hope I can explore different ways to facilitate students’ learning, in order to help them to find a more comfortable way to gain knowledge.



    Ho Kin Tung, Tony


    I would describe myself as a maker. I enjoy making stuffs myself to satisfy needs. Indeed, there are many products fulfilling needs of people in market. However, the sense of achievement is priceless. With the abundant information and mature online shopping platform, we, as a small individual, can easily create a technical product to satisfy the needs. Take my products as examples, I have made a water cooling system for my fish tank, a DIY fan heater and a voice-control lamp system. Technology is not only the products in market and labs, it should be popularised among people and especially teenagers.





    Hui Chi Sang, Jose


    Growing up in Hong Kong, education was never a happy thing for me, not in the classroom at least. I was a really troublesome student back in high school and got nearly dropped out. However, there was always many good-hearted people surrounding me - a lot more than I deserved. They are my families, friends, and teachers, they helped me to find my interest, showed me the opportunities ahead, and most importantly they believed in me. Although I didn’t have much experience in education apart from being a student, I wish to explore how I can dedicate myself to help Hong Kong’s education and help students in need to realize their potential.





    Lam Po Yi, Bowie


    I have great passions in sharing my knowledge in science and technology since I feel pleased when I saw someone is attracted and influenced by the new knowledge. Not all people are interested in science, but I do believe that every single child should be trained to be inquisitive in learning, uncovered their interests and abilities. Therefore, I wish to gradually change the traditional learning methods to a more creative and attractive teaching environment that will enhance the future growth of children.



    Law Chit, Jeff


    Education is not only the channel for the experienced to enlighten and inspire our

    next generation, but also the social institution to provide opportunities for members from the grassroots to pace up the socio-economic ladder. I wasn’t born in a wealthy family with plentiful educational resources, but luckily, I have met many great people who have been accompanying me these years so that I can get into the University I’m studying in. By serving as a member of University Technical Consultant in the EDcubator Project, I hope to work together with teachers to implement the projects, and provide new educational insights apart from teaching with conventional approaches and knowledge. I do sincerely hope my participation can convey the beacon of “hope” and “future” to many of the students from disadvantaged or mediocre background.




    Leung Ng Sum, Samir


    I am Samir Leung. I believe Education is the key to changing people’s life. I have enjoyed different cultural education in my primary and secondary schools’ life.

    I enjoy all kinds of arts. I love taking photos, going to different art exhibitions, and I dance and draw sometimes. I think art is the best way for us to express our feelings and connect with people spiritually without having any language limitation. I hope that I can introduce more people to appreciate arts in the future.






    Leung Sum Yi, Sammy


    In the curriculum nowadays, we often feel that it’s really hard to study because studying itself is a plain work. We are just waiting to be fed with knowledge under the spoon feeding education. It is undeniable that “spoon feeding” is efficient in teaching things printed on textbooks, but do we really understand mechanisms behind? Are we getting fun during this kind of studies? Nope, at least not for me.

    But from an interactive chemistry workshop, I found that it is more interesting to study the underlying mechanisms of the reactions, and I think it would be the same for all students. So I hope that through STEAM education programs, students can explore things out of textbooks and find their interest in any subjects.



    Leung Sze Man, Vivien


    Hi everyone! You would absolutely think that I am a talkative person who is filled with perseverance. I am always being passionate about what I learn. Chatting with children is one of my favourite things to do. I recently found out that plants are actually very interesting to look into, and they are fun as much as the other living animals are. As a student who studies science, the ultimate goal of my studying life is to inherit scientific knowledge to the next generation and make the future better. I truly hope that I can make my dreams come true.




    Li Hau Chi, Yoyo


    If you ask me if there are any differences between education and learning, during my time in the 12 -year compulsory education, I will probably give you a big NO. I once thought that studying has no different with learning. I learnt the subject knowledge just because they are taught in class. That was why I was a passive learner.

    Things change gradually since I have declared my major and have gained the autonomy to plan my schedule. The knowledge taught in lessons triggered my curiosity. I often browse the related topics online and attend various seminars just to know more. For me, I think STEM education, if not the whole education curriculum, should be positioned to ignite students' interests rather than just a well-structure but inflexible teaching plan."




    Ng Chui Man, Christy


    I am Christy Ng, a year 3 student studying in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. Studying science is not as dull as people always perceive. I think science is another sort of arts. It evolves every day and it enriches our ordinary life. Being one of the technical consultants of youth EDcubator, I would like to take this opportunity to share not only the way to learn science, but to interpret science in an interesting and innovative manner to students. I can imagine their attitude towards science and life would be changed a lot under our influences. Breaking down the limitation and having the initiative to learn are the goals that I want to achieve.






    和生命的態度將會發生很大的變化。 我希望同學們最後能打破自己的局限以及主動地


    Wong Ka Yiu, Yoyo


    I am a big fan of Chinese history and literature; I believe everyone would be inspired by history. I also like reading and drawing. I think both teachers and students make progress by learning from each other and everyone has the right to receive education. The main purpose of studying is not only to deal with examinations, but to fulfill our curiosity. I hope everyday can be fruitful and fascinating.





    Yu Yun Chi, Jessica


    Technologies have always been my greatest interest for many years, because I am curious about new things. It is fun to learn different kinds of technologies and I can often gain huge satisfaction from them. However, in Hong Kong’s current education system, there are not enough promotions on learning technological knowledge, and students rarely have a chance to know latest technologies, let alone having hands-on

    experiences. Furthermore, technology has been growing quickly in these few years and Hong Kong’s lack of innovative talents has become more and more obvious. I believe that more resources concerning technology should be put in both primary and secondary schools, so as to encourage students’ creativity and nurture them into our future innovative leaders. This is why I joined this programme, in hopes of being a part in facilitating STEM education in Hong Kong.



  • Requirements of the Programme

    Attend Briefing Session
    (February, 2018)

    Attend Closing Exhibition (July/August)

    Provide 35-50 hrs of support to assigned teacher over 7 months

    Attend 80% of events/activities related to teacher’s project

  • As a participant, you will be receiving

    Project Experience

    First-hand experience in implementing STEM project at school and promoting education innovation in HK

    FDM Mentorship Programme

    Automatic enrolment, which includes receiving guidance from mentors coming from HSBC, Morgan Stanley, UBS, etc.


    A certificate from TFHK

    (reference letter from assigned teacher depending on performance)


    HKD3500 transportation subsidies upon successful completion of programme